What we stand for

Quality produce & service

Quality organic produce begins in the field.

It is grown with integrity by like-minded farmers, quality-controlled through harvesting and transportation, and certified by industry-standard third-party entities. But it doesn’t end there. It continues with quality service by our team of knowledgeable sales professionals, equipped with a can-do attitude, to provide you with the highest level of supplier-side support available.

Acreage with integrity

No matter what crop we’re growing, no matter what season it is, no matter what task is at hand, there are a few guiding principles we abide by day in and day out:

Our produce will be fresh. It will be clean. It will be safe. It will taste good, and be good for you. It will be grown in a sustainable manner. It will be procured and consolidated in a method that ensures optimal shelf life. And it will be planted, harvested and delivered by people who are paid a fair wage for their labor.

Root to shoot organics

We believe that all edible parts of the plant are created equal and deserve their place in today’s modern food production system to help reduce food waste and maximize sustainability. This philosophy is firmly planted in our holistic approach to organics.

Whether it’s market-ready, premium-quality produce or so-called “ugly foods” destined for the frozen aisle or functional food market, we’ve got you covered from Root to Shoot.

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