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Spinaca Farms

Spinaca Farms started in 2001 as a small R&D project of Rick and Jeannette Andrade and a few industry partners on 40 acres of virgin farm ground in Paso Robles, CA.

Over the course of the next 10 years, the project blossomed to include other farms under our management and a network of other like-minded farmers. This growth, coupled with our reputation for quality produce & service, allowed us to establish ourselves as a year-round supplier for nationwide brands such as Earthbound Farm, Dole Foods, Fresh Express, Suja Juice, Juicero and Ready Pac Foods, eventually culminating in the launch of our own flagship consumer label, La Colline, in 2014.

Network farming

There’s strength in numbers. Especially when you combine the growing power of family farms situated in different growing regions across California, Arizona and Mexico. Network farming makes for a steady, reliable year-round cornucopia of fresh organic fruits and vegetables that are ethically sourced from the most reputable family farmers in California, Arizona and Mexico.

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