What we do

We provide quality produce

From broccoli to beets, from pineapples to parsley, and from red kale to bok choy, we are growers and providers of fresh, delicious produce.

No matter what you’re looking for – and we offer over 50 varieties of organic and conventional fruits and vegetables – our unique network of family farmers is committed to becoming your most trusted, reliable source for fresh produce.

Packing & Cooling

The secret to freshness is reduced cut-to-cool time. Everything we harvest is field-cooled, which means that, rather than loading fresh produce onto an open flat-bed trailer, we take the field heat out of the product faster by loading directly into refrigerated cars.

By following all the best practices for reducing cut-to-cool time, our produce is delivered with optimum freshness, it lasts longer on the shelf, and it can be shipped greater distances without the risk of spoilage.

& Consolidation

What you want.

When you want it.

All year round.

One of the benefits of having farmed for generations is the expansive network we’ve developed.

With our network of distinguished family-owned farms in four countries – representing tens of thousands of acres of fields from Salinas to Peru – we offer a year-round, completely reliable supply of a vast variety of fruits and vegetables.

And though we may not grow everything you need – organic radicchio, for example – we do know the best organic radicchio farmer in the U.S., and we have the solid relationships and established organizational systems to quickly procure that radicchio, consolidate it with your other shipments, and get it to you quickly, inexpensively and hassle-free.

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