This organic philosophy will convince you to eat ALL your veggies

Food is one of the few common threads between all living things, but as first-world food consumers, it’s clear we’ve lost our connection to that which sustains us. Just take a stroll through the local supermarket or open your fridge and it’s likely you’ll see foods designed for optics, for convenience, for a profit. Instead, what if you saw foods packed with whole nutrition, foods that minimize waste and maximize farm advantage, foods that open new income streams while remaining as convenient as ever? Impossible? We think not.

As consumers who recognize the gap between what we want – a connection to our food, to our bodies, our community and our world – and what we buy and eat, many of us have attempted to re-forge the connection by joining a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture), purchasing only organic, growing our own food, learning the ways of food preservation and preparation, etc. While each of these actions brings us closer to home, none take the full picture into consideration or embrace the power of the modern industrial food production system and what it can do for us.

Feeding ourselves entirely the way our grandparents did isn’t always practical in today’s deadline-driven, frenetically-paced, more-is-more world. So, instead of going back to the way things once were, can we honor where we’ve come from and still leverage our modern industrial food production system for good? Can we evolve forward, rather than retreating backward?

At Spinaca Farms, we are moving in a new direction founded upon our belief that all edible parts of the plant are created equal and deserve their place in today’s modern food production system. This Root-to-Shoot approach to organics strives to use the whole plant whenever possible, whether it’s market-ready, premium-quality produce, so-called “ugly foods” destined for the frozen aisle, or powdered vegetable leaves and stems to blitz into smoothies or convenient snack foods. Whatever the plant, part or process, we believe in using it, from Root to Shoot.

We can’t wait to show you how.

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