Press Release: Spinaca Farms Announces Root-to-Shoot Program


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Gilroy, CA, April 16, 2018—Spinaca Farms, known for growing, packing and procuring conventional and certified organic produce for the fresh market, announced the launch of their Root-to-Shoot program that maximizes crop utility for American farmers while supplying high-quality domestic vegetable products to the rapidly expanding functional foods market. 

Under Root-to-Shoot, farmers have more options beyond the fresh and frozen markets. Now, Spinaca Farms is working with farmers to powder, juice and/or puree beneficial but overlooked portions of the plant such as highly nutritious stems and leaves to be shelf-stable and usable in a variety of functional food products including meal replacement mixes, protein bars, pet food, and sports drinks. 

This approach to field utility benefits America’s farmers who are experiencing tighter profit margins while meeting the demands of the functional food market for more nutrient-rich domestic ingredients.

Quotes: “Overlooked but equally nutritious parts of the plant are better suited to be used in powders, purees, and juices because those fresh market aesthetics don’t translate to the finished product. Now when I see a broccoli field after harvest, I see the ability to convert it into the nutritious foods our customers deserve.” – Zack Andrade, President Spinaca Farms 

“This isn’t a new concept; Spinaca’s desire to utilize all edible portions of the plant is about moving the ‘waste-not-want-not’ philosophy forward using our modern food production system to unlock new revenue streams for farmers and supply the functional foods market with the nutritious products consumers want and deserve.” – Zack Andrade, President Spinaca Farms


Spinaca Farms was founded in 2001 by Rick and Jeannette Andrade with a few industry partners in Paso Robles, CA. Three years later their son Zack, fresh with a BS in Agribusiness from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, was brought on to expand operations to grow, pack and procure healthy produce for the fresh market including La Colline, their fresh market line of organic produce. Today, their Root to Shoot program leverages our modern food production system by turning beneficial but overlooked portions of the plant into nutrient-rich powders, purees, and juices to boost meal replacement products for the global functional foods market. To learn more visit

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