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Year-round quality

Spinaca Farms offers year-round availability of field-packed fresh vegetables for the “wet rack” that cater to the needs of the most discerning retailers and wholesalers. Competitive pricing, superior customer service and independently verified food safety & organic integrity programs makes our produce a favorite for stores looking for GS1 compliant commodities. We ship produce in-season all over the United States and Canada from Salinas, CA and El Centro, CA.

Consolidation, private label, and direct delivery to your distribution center are available upon request.

Private label opportunities

For our retail partners looking for steady volume of products, we offer the opportunity to co-pack in their label – from green kale to green onions and everything in between.

Network farming

There’s strength in numbers. Especially when you combine the growing power of family farms situated in different growing regions across California, Arizona and Mexico. Network farming makes for a steady, reliable year-round cornucopia of fresh organic fruits and vegetables that are ethically sourced from the most reputable family farmers in California, Arizona and Mexico.

Field & harvesting food safety

Nothing is more important to us than food safety. That’s why each of our farms – every ranch, every harvest crew, every tooling, cooling and packing house facility – participates in the standardized benchmarking, certification programs and annual audits under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), Primus Global Food Safety (GFS), Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), and of course the USDA, who regulates and certifies all organic food enterprises in the U.S.

To ensure that every single product we offer is fresh, healthy and safe, we constantly monitor and maintain the highest standards of good agricultural practices, water and soil testing, proper employee hygiene, and equipment maintenance, cleaning and sanitation.

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