La Colline Organics

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Premium organic produce

La Colline organics represents the best of what Spinaca Farms has to offer. Over the past few years, it has become a trusted, recognized and sought-after brand by consumers who demand only the best organic produce on the market.

Produce line-up

Organic Beets

Organic Broccoli

Organic Cilantro

Organic Collard Greens

Organic Green Onions

Organic Kale

Organic Parsley

Organic Red Cabbage

Organic Romaine

Organic Snap Peas

Your family’s wellness

We never forget that you’ve placed your trust in us to provide you with the freshest, safest, healthiest produce possible. That’s why we never use harmful pesticides or fertilizers. That’s why we maintain the highest food safety standards. That’s why we only partner with select family farmers who share our values.

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