Field Notes

Sure, they’re delicious pickled, pureed into soups, and sliced over salads, but what about beet health benefits? Did you know beets also pack a powerhouse of nutrients for brain and body performance? Athletes swear by the root vegetable’s ability to increase blood flow, enhance tolerance of intense exercise and sharpen their brains’ cognitive function. So, what is the almighty beet’s healthy secret? Turns out there are a few.

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Can you tell the difference between a functional food, a dietary supplement and a nutraceutical? Most people are aware that what they eat affects their vitality and lifespan, but have no idea where the line between food and drugs really lies. As we’ve discovered, the definition of nutraceuticals vs supplements and functional foods overlap quite a bit, but each retains its own niche in the modern food industry.

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Changing the modern food production system can feel like a Herculean feat from the outset, but, as author and investigative journalist Michael Pollan says, we can do it every time we eat.

“Whatever your politics, there are activities your tax money supports that I’m sure you find troublesome, if not deplorable. But you can’t do anything about those activities — you can’t withdraw your support — unless you’re prepared to go to jail. Food is different. You can simply stop participating in a system that abuses animals or poisons the water or squanders jet fuel flying asparagus

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