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Fermented foods are big right now. Everywhere you look, someone’s talking about the health-promoting qualities of sourdough bread, kimchi, or yogurt, and for good reason: fermentation introduces digestion-aiding probiotics and the glucosinolate compounds believed to fight cancer. What’s more, it might even support the immune system.

At Spinaca Farms, we like that fermented foods directly address our Root to Shoot philosophy, as well as discussions we’ve had here with gut-health expert Dr. Fogarty.

Bonus: They also happen to be tangy and delicious.

A fun, easy way to get into home fermentation is with overripe tomatoes.

If you’re anything like me, it can be a struggle to stick to a healthy balanced diet when you get hit with the hustle and bustle of life. You get caught up at the office and the next thing you know you’re grabbing the #1 from the closest fast food chain and devouring it in your car. Throw traveling into the mix, and now you’re living off of whatever healthy snack you can find at the gas station or airport.

But that’s all changed because recently I discovered meal prepping and I’ve never looked back. Aside from the convenience

As I mentioned in my last post, as a vegetable farmer, I’m always on a mission to get more produce and diversity into my kids’ diets. I credit my own mom with influencing my approach on this, as she always said “A little of everything, not a lot of one thing.” I’ve never forgotten that and take it to heart as a parent.

Though our farm produces functional foods from our organic vegetables, for kids, I’m more inclined to promote fresh vegetables. Save the powders and pills for later in life when other aspects interfere with getting enough

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