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Spinaca Farms

Spinaca Farms was founded by farming veterans Rick and Jeannette Andrade with a few industry partners in 2001 on 40 acres of virgin farm ground in Paso Robles, CA. Recognizing the strength of the partnership in its ability to yield fresh year-round produce, the Andrades brought on their son Zack, fresh with a BS in Agribusiness from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, to expand their operation in 2004.

Coupled with a reputation for quality produce and professional service, Spinaca Farms soon established themselves as a year-round supplier for national brands such as Earthbound Farm, Fresh Express, Taylor Farms, and Classic Salads, eventually culminating in the launch of La Colline, their fresh market line of organic produce, in 2014.

Conventional, Organic, and Root-to-Shoot

Today, Spinaca Farms grows, packs, and procures both conventional and certified organic produce for the fresh market and has just launched their Root-to-Shoot program that leverages our modern food production system by turning beneficial but overlooked portions of the plant into nutrient-rich powders, purees, and juices to boost meal replacement mixes, protein bars, pet food, sports drinks and more for the global functional foods market.

Our Functional Foods  

Quality produce & service

Quality organic produce begins in the field.

It is grown with integrity by like-minded farmers, quality-controlled through harvesting and transportation, and certified by industry-standard third-party entities. But it doesn’t end there. It continues with quality service by our team of knowledgeable sales professionals, equipped with a can-do attitude, to provide you with the highest level of supplier-side support available.

Zack on the Consumed Podcast

Zack Andrade, President of Spinaca Farms, recently sat down with Jaime Lewis for her podcast Consumed, where they discussed the history of Spinaca Farms, Root to Shoot™ produce, Crossfit, Amarone, vegetable powders, and more.


Release date: August 26, 2019

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Acreage with integrity

There are a few guiding principles we abide by day in and day out:

Our produce will be fresh, clean, and safe. It will taste good, and be good for you. It will be grown in a sustainable manner, and it will be procured and consolidated in a method that ensures optimal shelf life. And it will be planted, harvested and delivered by people who are paid a fair wage for their labor.

Network farming

There’s strength in numbers. Especially when you combine the growing power of family farms situated in different growing regions across California, Arizona and Mexico. Network farming makes for a steady, reliable year-round cornucopia of fresh organic fruits and vegetables that are ethically sourced from the most reputable family farmers in California, Arizona and Mexico.

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