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One of the most exciting moments in our produce jobs is when we get to visit the farms and spend quality time there. For consumers we don’t always get a feel for the realities beyond the display, the difficulties, the challenges and the obscene amount of really hard work that goes into everything from pre production to shipping across borders! We wanted to give you an inside peek into the pack house and all that it entails, including the infamous HOT WATER bath! Our in house mango guru, Nissa Pierson has spent a good portion of the last

There are only a few local mangoes available in the USA, Hawaii, Florida and California, each with just a tiny (yet succulent and sweet) season. Mangoes are the fastest growing fruit commodities on the fruit circuit and the USA is the largest importer of mangoes in the world. As imports go there are limited options due to very tight USDA agricultural regulations protecting USA agriculture from white fly.  In terms of organics, the options are even more limited because of the treatment protocol of imports (which we will talk about late in our The Packing

 Spinaca Farms, La Colline Organics is launching  our first major marketing campaign. Encouraging our customers and their customers to participate in the first of many seasonal marketing campaigns, helping us create brand awareness and product education and a general buzzing energy for organic produce through exciting consumer driven initiatives.

* All marketing campaigns can be “customer-ized”, just inquire with our marketing team!

La Colline Organics – Summer Mango Mania

June 30th – July 30th – The Promotional Period

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